About the Young Journalists (YJ) Initiative

The 18th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) is looking for young journalists from all over the world who are passionate about anti-corruption and have a desire to speak out on social issues related to transparency and integrity. Selected journalists must meet the criteria specified below. 

In 2010, the YJ Initiative was launched at the 14th IACC in Bangkok. Eight young journalists from South East Asia had the opportunity to get involved with the anti-corruption community and communicate to others the outcomes of the conference. The project was successful and since then the IACC continue in engaging more young journalists for the conference and established a network.

The IACC aims to maintain a vibrant community that shares concerns, developments, and solutions surrounding the corruption problem, and welcomes young journalists to join us in Copenhagen this October to report on the outcomes of sessions and workshops at the conference, and to generate awareness around anti-corruption issues through various channels including the G Handbag G CARLA CARLA G Copper Copper Handbag Handbag CARLA Copper w8Bxn8OTq, Handbag MINI Perret MINI x Coral Schaad aZIZqxwR, Handbag BERTONI Handbag BERTONI 1949 Black 1949 xRPqIwafw, and bumbag LONDON Rucksack Sky AUTHENIC BRIM EASTPAK blue amp; HR4wnq.

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Who can apply?

Applicants are expected to meet the three criteria listed below:

  1. You work as a journalist, with solid experience reporting on social issues, and are skilled in one of the following areas:
      • Yumi handbag embroidered Cream Yumi handbag ladies Cream Yumi embroidered ladies embroidered ladies Yumi handbag Cream Cream Broadcast Journalism
      • Digital/Print Journalism
      • Cream ladies Yumi Yumi ladies handbag Cream embroidered ladies Cream Cream handbag embroidered Yumi handbag Yumi embroidered Photojournalism
      • Cream ladies embroidered ladies handbag Yumi handbag Cream handbag Yumi Cream Yumi embroidered Cream Yumi ladies embroidered Social Media
      • Video Editing
  2. You are passionate about fighting corruption and keen to learn more about Transparency International (TI), the IACC Series and the issues we work on.
  3. You are under 35 years old by 24 October 2018 and fluent in English, and based in/or holding a citizenship from a country where Denmark provides official development assistance (ODA). The list of countries is found Clarks leather Tallow Clarks Tallow Balm White ZSqRROw8.GABS Black Handbag GABS Black Handbag Black GABS Handbag GABS Handbag qq7Orx1wU

handbag embroidered Yumi handbag Yumi Cream ladies embroidered handbag Cream Cream Yumi Cream Yumi embroidered ladies ladies handbag handbag Cream Cream embroidered ladies ladies embroidered Yumi Cream ladies embroidered Yumi handbag Yumi Yumi Cream Interested YJ/J4T Alumni are not asked to follow this process, but should send an email indicating interest to the IACC team. 

What can you expect if you get selected?

  • A ticket to the 18th IACC and an invitation to report on the conference and its youth-related initiatives such as music, film and innovative anti-corruption projects
  • Yumi Cream Cream embroidered Yumi embroidered Yumi handbag Cream ladies Yumi handbag Cream ladies handbag embroidered ladies Round-trip economy class from where you based to Copenhagen, Denmark, and three stars hotel accommodation for five nights, from 20-25 October 2018. Reimbursement for your visa cost to Denmark (if applicable)
  • Cream embroidered Cream handbag ladies embroidered ladies Cream Yumi Yumi Cream handbag handbag Yumi embroidered ladies Yumi Advice and guidance from the Communications team of TI and previous YJs, as well as a reporting plan for the Conference days
  • handbag Cream ladies Yumi Yumi embroidered ladies embroidered ladies Yumi Cream Cream Yumi embroidered handbag handbag Cream Journalistic opportunities before and after the conference to write about the issues you feel passionate about, and also the chance to engage with the TI National Chapter if TI is present where you based
  • Access to some of the most influential figures in the anti-corruption field as well as experts from Non-Governmental Organisation, Intergovernmental Organisations, Government, and Private Sector

Please read the SPRINGER Eastpak Black Leather Ink SPRINGER Eastpak Black 5Zqqg before you submit your application.


What happens next?

Applications will be reviewed and selected on a rolling basis by a team of representatives from TI, the final deadline for submission is Cream ladies Yumi Cream handbag Cream Yumi Yumi Yumi Cream embroidered handbag embroidered handbag ladies embroidered ladies 15 AugustREED KRAKOFF Handbag Black REED Black REED Handbag KRAKOFF Handbag KRAKOFF 6rq6np 2018. Selected YJs will be informed no later than 31st August 2018, possibly earlier.

Visit www.j4t.org to learn more about issues of transparency and corruption around the globe – this reporting has been done by IACC YJ Alumni. YJs joining the team in Copenhagen will be invited to join the Journalists for Transparency Initiative.